Searching For Guest Houses in Hermanus That Fit Your Travel Plans

The seaside community of Hermanus has more than 40 guest houses in Hermanus from which to choose. This popular tourist destination has been called the Rivera, being on the south coast on the Western Cape. There is a plentiful choice of guesthouse accommodations from which you can base your excursions to the sightseeing attractions of the area. Water and ocean based attractions highlight this beautiful area.

Many people look forward to staying along the famous cliff paths where the bay and the ocean can be observed. There the visitor can see the Southern White Wales that visit Walker Bay. They come for the mating season, in late September, but whale activity usually continues from June to December. The guesthouses are centrally located between the cliffs and town. There is a very short walk in either direction.

For the golfing enthusiast, one Guest House is actually built on the site of the old Hermanus Golf Club’s clubhouse! The golf course is at your doorstep, and again you are located very close to the famous cliff paths overlooking the beautiful Walker Bay.

For the more adventurous, Hermanus offers boat based whale watching tours. For still more adventure, you can engage in shark cage diving to observe the Great White Shark in the cold Atlantic. The tours will take you from your accommodation to the boating and diving locations.

In town, there are many quaint and unique shops that offer boutique items including locally made jewelry, gifts, and locally collected abalone shells with their iridescent pearl-like interiors. Points of interest in and around town include nature activities such as bird watching, a visit to the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, a and the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory. All these points are close by the location of your guest house.

Most of the accommodations are operated by families and couples who delight in providing a personalized, warm and memorable stay. They strive to reflect the feeling of the area. Unlike larger, more impersonal hotels, you will be able to make new friends during your stay as you enjoy relaxation with the other guests and the owners.

Regardless of your activities, your stay at guest houses in Hermanus will provide the environment for luxurious relaxation with your choice of splendid sea, mountain and garden views. You can enjoy swimming and relaxing in a spa knowing that you are experiencing the best in European style hospitality and personalized service. Hermanus provides a small, intimate atmosphere, complemented by your accommodation, often with less than 10 rooms or suites. Dining styles range from a relaxed, family atmosphere to a complete five star experience.

Explore Vibrant Places Off the Beaten Track As Part of Your Next Exotic Travel Plans

Visit the odd yet beautiful at least once in your lifetime. This is an advice shared not just by travel & tour operators but travelers themselves who have experienced the best of both worlds – the simple jarring city streets alongside the most fabulous remnants of history and fascinating works of architecture and enjoyable nature trips. The destination: far-flung places where authenticity is the credo and where the wanderlust will not likely say “been there, done that.” Think Botswana, Pattaya, and Ho Chi Minh City, or all the way to Catalonia, Spain — all interesting exotic travel options which have drawn the interest of a growing number of travelers & adventure-seekers from all over the world.

If your heart has been won over by Thailand, you are in for a wonderful exotic travel destination that you can enjoy to the hilt with your spouse or friend. There are elephant rides, floating markets, and water sports and unique Thai massage & cultural shows that can add to an unforgettable trip. For accommodations, Pattaya has hotels that offer first class accommodations at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, another great exotic travel option, is a place that remains rooted in ancient culture while also displaying a reasonably modern metropolis. Every avenue in downtown Ho Chi Minh has restaurants and shops. Art shops carry remarkable reconstructions of the world’s most famous paintings. Must-see attractions are the tunnels that show visitors how Vietnam endured one of the most horrid wars in Asia. A controversial museum also depicts Vietnam’s violent past and showcases airplanes, helicopters, tanks, and artillery form a bygone era. After taking in the sights of Saigon, relax in one of the hotels brimming with character and charm, situated in the heart of Saigon. Ho Chi Minh has several hotel options that can cater to the requirements of international travelers at reasonable cost. Some are also a stone’s throw from the city’s business, entertainment and shopping districts.

Another exotic destination which has impressed many travelers with its famous landmarks, great climate, beautiful beaches and tasty delicacies is Barcelona, capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Before hoeing off to the modernist city which counts among its most famous landmarks Antoni Gaudi’s Basilica of the Holy Family, you can book yourself in one of the hip boutique-style hotels in the city center. Some rooms overlook Gaudi’s Casa Mila, the residential apartment building-turned-museum dedicated to the famous artist. Other alternative hotels include those which are part of a worldwide hotel chain and provide convenient access to the city’s architectural wonders, museums and eateries. Some hotels have spacious upper floor suites offering lovely views of the city. Off-season rates may be obtained. Also worth checking out is a stunning 124-room hotel housed in a 19th century palace structure whose rooms are adorned with original Egyptian, Roman and Hindu art. A trip to exotic Spain will not be complete without savoring the local produce, so enjoy dinner in the hotel cloister or dining room of the hotel where you’re staying which offers a whiff of the past.

Local Beach Vacation Travel Planning

Some would say there is nothing better than sitting on a beach looking at the beautiful ocean dreaming of owning their own little Tahiti style bar on the beach and never leaving. But for someone like myself, the beach is over a thousand miles away, so when I want to go to the beach I must plan, and plan well, The first thing that has to be figured for a beach vacation out is what time of the year it is and what is going to be the best place for you.

Do you have a family? Or are you cruising the road with a buddy? Are you going to be staying at a motel or a fancy resort? All these and many more are factors when planning a beach vacation. Were you want to go plays a vital role in your plans, east coast, west coast, the gulf, all with a different vibe and feel. Trying not to plan your vacation during a high volume traffic holiday would be a lot more difficult than planning your vacation during slow periods, and sometimes even get a better deal on your tickets or hotel rooms.

Folly beach is a favorite of many, nicknamed the edge of America the Folly beach area is full of art and great food, not to mention beautiful scenery and lots of activities. It has it all, from fishing tournaments to moonlight mixers and concerts on the pier. This one in South Carolina is a must see for the beach advocate.

In 2008, Triple A company performed a survey stating that a vacation for 2 people traveling in North America is around $222 a day, including lodging and meals. While there are many web sites to choose from to get deals on traveling and hotel stay, making reservations in advance is always a plus. And of course staying in metropolitan areas will, more than likely, cost a little bit more.

It is all worth it when you’re laying there soaking up the sun and relaxing like never before, getting sand in your toes and collecting sea shells to take home and show off to your friends and family. So next time your craving some salt water fun, don’t forget that the beach is only a few preparation steps away. And don’t forget the sun block.

Have Travel Plans? Town Car Service Is a Stylish Way to Save Time and Money

When you’re planning a trip out of town, there’s a lot to consider, and having to drive yourself to the airport is probably the last thing that you want to do. Dealing with luggage and travel plans is enough stress on its own, and you don’t need the added anxiety and complication of trying to navigate the roads when you’re likely to be frazzled already. In such situations, hiring a car service to handle your trip to the airport can be a big help.

No matter what city you’re in, traffic around the airport can be a nightmare. With so many travelers anxious to make their flights or get back home, these areas can really be congested. Weaving in and out of traffic while constantly checking your watch is not the ideal way to spend your last few minutes before a plane ride. If you hire a car service to handle your travel to the airport, you won’t have to worry
about any of this, and you can simply focus on the trip ahead.

Even if you’re willing to brave airport traffic, driving yourself to the airport is only going to add cost to your trip. When you reach the airport, you’ll have to park your car for the remainder of the trip, and that could get costly, especially if you are going to be out of town for more than a few days. You can generally save yourself some money by hiring a car to drop you off for your flight.

A town car service can be a stylish answer to your need for transportation to the airport. These services are much more elegant than a standard taxi, so you can experience complete comfort on your way to the airport. From start to finish, airports are busy places, and as soon as you arrive, you’re likely to be surrounded by people who are in a hurry. Hiring a town car service is a great way to get a few minutes of relaxation before your trip, and it’s also a great way to avoid traffic and huge parking fees.

Whether you’re going out of town on a business trip or you’re simply taking a holiday to relax, getting to the airport should be one of the easiest parts of your experience. If you take a standard taxi, rather than a town car, you may be cramped and uncomfortable during this portion of your trip, and that’s no way to begin it. Hiring an elegant town car will offer you so much more convenience, not to mention leg room, and help set the tone for a wonderful trip.